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Solution: Online hybrid workshops with Bricklyn and video conferencing

Adaption of face-to-face bricklyn to run online hybrid workshops using digital tools but with real Lego materials. This approach was recently introduced by all the schools in Qatar.

Innovation is imperative during the crisis

The ongoing pandemic hinders attendance-based workshops with Bricklyn Lego Education, while innovation and problem solving are imperative during the crisis.
Each participant connects to the hybrid Bricklyn session via video conferencing such as Zoom from home. The session is led by a facilitator. Each participant needs a selection of materials during the workshop to build models, personal identities and agents. A virtual shared model and system can be created by uploading pictures of individual models and placing them in a collaborative editor such as Google Docs.

Bricklyn would like to make it as easy as possible for facilitators to provide each participant with the proper materials. Just supply the addresses of your participants when placing an order and we send each of them our lego materials and at a reliable cost.

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